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About LCSC

About LCSC

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Student Life

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Career & Technical Programs

Two Career & Technical Education Divisions:

Career Readiness – 97% of recent grads are settled in a job, graduate school, or other area.

Small Class Sizes – 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

130+ Degrees and Certificates – including some fully online. Find your degree.

Lowest Tuition in Idaho – among public four-year institutions.

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I chose LCSC because the smaller class sizes, has a really friendly family atmosphere. Before I cam to LCSC is part of a bigger school, lecture halls of hundreds of people, I just found it really hard to learn.

My professors, they know me on a personal level, and not just on a teaching level. They spend a lot time with their students, make sure that we get it, super friendly and it's just refreshing.

My professors, they're kind of like a family. They're there for you. They want you to be here. They want you learn. They want you get that degree.

The campus and learning environment here is fantastic. Class sizes are amazing. Campus life is nice.

One of the great things about LCSC is they'll match degrees with the demand-- out there where the jobs actually are. I know the days I get to come down to LCSC, I'm always looking forward to them. I like going to my classes and seeing everybody.

Everybody talks to you. I think I walk down and I've never even seen this person before and they're like, hey, Trey.

The Warrior way to me basically means that the sky's the limit. There's a million opportunities that are right there in front of you, you've just got to go and grab them.

Pursue your dreams and just go where you want to go.